What is GBAC® STAR?

GBAC® STAR Accreditation is the cleaning industry’s solution for strategizing, strengthening, sustaining for outbreaks of infectious disease. For facilities and other places you visit, GBAC® STAR is an important indicator of their thoroughness with cleaning, disinfection, and prevention, while enabling businesses to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

GBAC stands for “Global Biorisk Advisory Council” and is a specialty division of ISSA, the world’s leading trade association for the cleaning industry. The word “STAR” was chosen because the GBAC® STAR program requires facilities and service providers to attain higher hygiene protocols to keep spaces clean and safe for occupancy.

When you enter a GBAC® STAR-accredited facility, it’s what you can’t see that counts. A facility may look and smell clean, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the space has been properly cleaned and thoroughly disinfected. The GBAC® STAR seal is reserved only for facilities that maintain proper protocols for cleaning and disinfection that produce a hygienic indoor environment. When you see the GBAC® STAR seal, you’ll have the assurance and confidence that the facility staff are properly trained and working hard in support of a high-performance cleaning and maintenance regimen. See if your facility is GBAC® STAR-accredited and make sure to look for the GBAC® STAR facility accreditation seal the next time you enter a facility.

All GBAC® STAR facilities have implemented a high-performance cleaning and maintenance regimen that includes:

  • Proper protocols for cleaning and disinfection.
  • Correct training for chemicals, equipment, and procedures.
  • Thorough knowledge of how germs live on high-touch surfaces.
A facility first must apply to the GBAC® STAR Facility Accreditation program. The program helps commercial and public facilities establish a high-performance cleaning and maintenance regimen along with a systematic approach to disinfection that results in reduced pathogens and a hygienic indoor environment. To complete the program, facilities are required to demonstrate capability and compliance with the program’s elements. GBAC Team Members review all completed applications and determine facility accreditation.

Know that the facility has carefully PREPARED to reopen – and stay open safely! You may notice big changes or small changes. Remember that “clean” goes beyond just “looks and smells” clean. That’s why GBAC® STAR indicates that behind the scenes, cleaning and disinfection is getting done properly.

GBAC® STAR-accredited facilities know that it’s important to fully prepare for outbreaks and other biohazard situations. That’s why these facilities make proper cleaning and disinfection an ongoing management priority – not just an afterthought at the end of the business day. So regardless of any biohazard issue, a GBAC® STAR-accredited facility has the right steps in place to meet their commitment of creating safer and healthier spaces. GBAC® STAR facilities must re-accredit every year in order to demonstrate that they are still meeting the latest standards and are aware of industry best practices. Additionally, GBAC® STAR ensures that cleaning professionals undergo training in outbreak and infectious disease preparation and response. This training empowers them to handle challenging situations with confidence.

GBAC® STAR-accredited facilities have gone through a rigorous screening process to ensure they adhere to Elements that cover everything from high-level corporate commitment to regular facility inspections – and everything in between.

Office buildings, stadiums, schools, hotels and more can receive the GBAC® STAR facility accreditation. The accreditation is for the facility itself and can be obtained by the smallest local business up to the largest arena or complex in the world.

The GBAC® STAR Directory

From the smallest office, to the tallest high rise. From the most intimate restaurant, to the largest sports stadium. From your local daycare, to your state university.

GBAC® STAR brings a high-performance cleaning and maintenance regimen to the spaces you live, work, and visit. Check out the directory and see who has the seal!

GBAC<sup>®</sup> STAR Directory

Is your facility or service accredited?

If the time is right to start your commitment to a healthy and safe environment, then find out which GBAC® STAR program is right for you!